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LG 15KG Wash / 8KG F2515RTGV Dryer AI Inverter Direct ThinQ Drive Turbo Wash Steam Tempered Glass Door Twinwash Comptatible Front Load Washing Machine
Price RM4,099.00 RM5,599.00
Product SKU F2515RTGV
Brand LG
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  • AI Inverter Direct Drive™
  • TurboWash™
  • Steam™
  • Tempered Glass Door & Full Stainless Lifter
  • ThinQ™

A Deep Clean, Space Saver

Father and daughters laugh in the background as they hold a clean blanket. A White washing machine front load washer in the foreground.

Intelligent Care with 15% More Fabric Protection

AI Inverter Direct Drive™ maximizes cleansing performance and extends the life of your garments.

Row with four LG icons for: The mark of AI DD. The mark of TurboWash 360. The mark of Steam.A white piece of cloth is shown in the drum of the washing machine front load washer being washed.

What is AI DD™?

AI DD™ detects weight and softness of fabric to choose the optimal wash setting for the fabric.Three columns representing Weight Detection, Softness Detection, and Optimize Washing Patterns with levels beneath show how the AI DD of the washing machine chooses the optimal wash setting.

Washer and Dryer in One

Save space, make room for family with LG's all in one washer and dryer.

One background image features a white shirt with suds in the wash cycle and the second background images shows the white shirt in the dry cycle. In the foreground is the TopGun2.

Fast & Clean Wash with TurboWash™

Get your favorite outfit sparkling clean in just 52 minutes with TurboWash™

A grey shirt is being jet sprayed in the foreground with the drum of the washing machine in the background. Minor images on the bottom show the jet spray and filtration functionality.

*Turbo Wash™ available on selected wash programs. Time Saving will vary depending on wash load and cycle selected.

Steam Away 99.9% of Allergens from Your Fabrics

Wear your clothes with confidence knowing that 99.9% of allergens are removed with LG Steam™.

A soft white robe and stuffed animal are shown with steam in the drum of the washing machine.

*Allergy Care cycle certified by BAF (British Allergy Foundation) reduces 99.9% house dust mite allergen.

More Durable and Hygienic

The tempered glass door and stainless steel lifters ensures greater durability and hygiene.

One image shows the front of the washing machine front load washer bringing focus to the tempered glass door. Second image shows the interior of the drum with focus on the stainless steel design.

TWINWash™ Mini Compatible So You Can Do Two Loads at Once

Add the TWINWash™ Mini to your new LG washer to tackle two loads of laundry at the same time.

A collage of images showcasing the TWINWash Mini Compatible washer in a modern style home. Images show the front of the washer with door closed and two images show the bottom drawer open.

Smart Living Begins with LG ThinQ

With ThinQ™, remotely access your washer and download new cycles from your smart device.

Background of the image is two washing machine front loading washers in a built in folding station slightly blurred with the LG ThinQ sitting on a towel on a table in the foreground.

Long-lasting, Less Vibration, Less Noise

The Inverter Direct Drive Motor is reliable, quiet, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

A grey background with the washing machine front loading washer highlighted and a swirl of water thrusting from the front to lead to an image of the Inverter Direct Drive Motor.DIMENSIONS




What's in the box

1 X LG 15KG Wash / 8KG Dryer AI Inverter Direct ThinQ Drive Turbo Wash Steam Tempered Glass Door Twinwash Comptatible Front Load Washing Machine F2515RTGV